O U R   S T O R Y

We are committed to deliver the best quality in food and presentation according to your budget

Better Value


Our culinary creations are prepared according to our high standards from the freshest ingredients.


Our experienced team is with you from the beginning to guide you in creating the menu, to the execution and presentation on D-day.


Wedding Pantry is closely affiliated with Culture Royale, a well-known premium catering service in Jakarta. While we have this advantage of experience, resources and reputation in the hospitality industry, at Wedding Pantry we focus exclusively on the unique needs of the bride and the groom, while offering our services on a more flexible budget range.

Having this wealth of experience, our dedicated team is well-suited to help our clients in preparing for their big day. 

The Small Details

While most caterers only focus on the main reception on the wedding day, our experienced team is also ready to make your other wedding-related events a success.

We are ready to serve your catering needs for any of these the pre-wedding ceremonies: the Engagement party, Siraman, Midodareni, Sangjit/Seserahan; and of
course for all the festivities on the big day!

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