For many couples of Javanese heritage, great care is also taken by the families to prepare and conduct the ‘siraman’ ceremony a few days before or even on the day of the wedding.

Javanese culture, the ‘siraman’ (from the word ‘siram’ meaning ‘to shower/to bathe’) carries a significant symbolism to purify or sanctify the bride and groom of their past so they can start their married life with a clean slate.

In this beautifully solemn ceremony, Javanese tradition and strict protocols govern the proceeding and the individual elements needed to carry them out (types of flowers, traditional cloths, decorations, accessories, vessels, food offerings, etc.). Everyone is dressed
in traditional Javanese attires, including the bride and groom. Elders representing both families then take turn to symbolically ‘bathe’ the bride and groom by pouring flower-infused water from a special dipper over their heads.

Our team at Wedding Pantry has years of experience in satisfying clients who had traditional-themed celebrations, so if you would also like to include traditional dishes to tie in with your ‘siraman’ ceremony, please let us know so we can accommodate your request!


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