THIS IS IT. The big day you’ve been preparing for many, many months is finally here!

The day of the wedding usually begins very early for everyone, and every minute is buzzing with excitement and activities.

The wedding ceremony is the most sacred part of this wonderful day — the moment when a man and a woman are united in a religious sacrament and declare their vows to be husband and wife, witnessed by their families and friends. Although the guests in the ceremony are usually smaller in number than in the reception, it’s a gracious gesture to arrange a light feast for your guests at the end of it, especially if the main reception is still a few hours away. 

Gathering around a delicious spread gives your families and guests (and you!) a chance to have a relaxed chat and to ‘refuel’ for the festivities ahead.


Let Wedding Pantry take care of the meals at the wedding ceremony, so you can be free to enjoy and soak in the blissful moments after you and your beloved finally become “Mr. & Mrs.”!


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