Even before the big day there could be other ceremonies or rituals conducted by the families or demanded by tradition as part of the couple’s journey to the nuptials. Though usually much smaller in scale compared to the wedding day, traditional rituals such as an engagement party, the Chinese ‘sangjit’ or Javanese ‘seserahan’, ‘siraman’ and ‘midodareni’ ceremonies, can also be festive occasions that greatly benefit from our specialty catering.


You’ve said ‘yes’ when he proposed to you, and now you can’t wait to share the news to your closest family and friends.


For many couples of Javanese heritage, great care is also taken by the families to prepare and conduct the ‘siraman’ ceremony a few days before or even on the day of the wedding.


According to Javanese mythology, on the night before her wedding, a bride is visited by ‘angels’  who will impart their heavenly beauty to her.


This engagement ritual is considered to be an essential step in the journey toward matrimony for those who would like to honor their Chinese ancestry and cultural heritage.

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