According to Javanese mythology, on the night before her wedding, a bride is visited by ‘angels’ (widodari in Javanese) who will impart their heavenly beauty to her.

The ‘midodareni’ ritual is strictly female-only where female relatives from both sides of the families visit the bride in her room in the evening before the wedding to give her words of advice and prayers.


Just like ‘siraman’, the proceedings of ‘midodareni’ are dictated by traditional Javanese protocols and etiquettes and all participants are dressed in traditional attires.

The women also come bearing gifts and food offerings that are rich in symbolisms. The bride’s room is also adorned with traditional decorations and perfumed with a variety of flowers and fragrant herbs. As there will be numerous relatives who usually take part in this ritual, let Wedding Pantry take care of the catering. You are welcome to discuss more details with our team if you need special dishes to be incorporated into the meals.


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