If you and your fiancé are of Chinese descent, your families are probably already planning for the ‘sangjit’ or ‘seserahan’ ceremony. This engagement ritual is considered to be an essential step in the journey toward matrimony for those who would like to honor their Chinese ancestry and cultural heritage.

The ‘sangjit’ is a formal gift-exchange ceremony between the bride’s family and the groom’s family to signify the ‘betrothal’. Traditional etiquettes and protocols dictate the types of ‘betrothal’ gifts and dowries presented in ‘sangjit’ and each type of gifts (jewelry, food, clothing, money, etc.) is rich in symbolisms. Red and gold, the colors of luck and happiness in Chinese culture, adorn the elaborate gift trays and even the outfits of the family members
taking part in the ritual.

Because the ‘sangjit’ is fundamentally a family affair, you probably already have lots of help from your relatives in preparing the many elements involved in this ceremony. But let Wedding Pantry take your mind off one thing from your ‘to-do’ list: the food and drinks served to the family members. And if you need to incorporate some traditional ingredients or dishes in your sangjit day feast, please let our Wedding Pantry team know!


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